And the best Deadpool is… (drum roll please…)

Post Mortem Press front man, Eric Beebe!

His effortless Deadpool impressed 50% of the voters. He ended the poll well ahead of the runner up, Thor cutepool. That said, Wonderpool Woman took a vote, the giant blue bunnypool took one, and the only Deadpool to get a nod was #2. I hope “Dancin’ Deadpool” was entertaining, at least. I enjoyed the spectacle when it happened, and I think most of you are just as twisted as I am.

To recap, here’s a little gallery of the “winners” in the poll where the votes didn’t matter and everyone was a Deadpool, even when they weren’t, because we’re all a little Deadpool sometimes…

Come back tomorrow and read about my top five vampire movies.

(Hint: I’m an 80s guy…)

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