An update!

It’s going to be brief, as I’m still getting the error message I was last night. The problem has pretty much been identified and we’re working to get it fixed. Long story short: I suck at webpages and therefore use a WordPress plugin since it’s easy enough a monkey like me is capable. Well, the “theme” I use isn’t jiving with the new version of the WordPress plugin.

I have two choices, with a third possibility: switch themes or wait for the old theme to be fixed by the developer. Third option, figure out how to reinstall a previous version of my theme that does work with the new WordPress.

I’m exploring option 3 while waiting on choice 2, so you may be seeing the site look weird from time to time.

Thanks for your patience while I try to get access back to my media library and the Deadpool contest pictures!

One response to “An update!

  1. God bless you sir. I’ve had to kill plugins one by one before myself.

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