10 Life Lessons: “Rent” Edition

Rent, for me, is unparalleled in its depiction of artistry, compassion, and friendship. Not to mention living with a deadly disease such as AIDS, the stigmas that went along with having it, and how difficult it was for everyone who loved someone with AIDS. As (one of) the main character(s) sings at one point, after bursting into a support meeting: “Oh, I’m not– I’m just here to–  I don’t– I’m here with– Mark… Mark… I’m Mark. Well, this is quite an operation.”

Rent is one musical everyone should see, both on the Broadway stage, and at the movie version, which was beautifully directed by Chris Columbus. Do yourself a favor and broaden your cultural horizons. There’s no day but today.

Thank you, Jonathon Larson.

10) “Today for you, tomorrow for me!”


09) “There will always be women in rubber flirting with me…”

08) “How do you document real life when real life’s getting more like fiction each day?”


07) “Measure your life in love!”

06) “This is Calcutta. Bohemia is dead.”

05) “There’s only us, there’s only this. Forget regret, or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way, no day but today.”

04) “From here on in, I shoot without a script. See if anything comes of it, instead of my old shit.”

03) “There was this skinhead that was harassing her… and she walked right up to him and said, “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be – and more of a woman than you’ll ever get.”

02) “You always said how lucky you were that we were all friends. But it was us, baby, who were the lucky ones.”

01) “Find the one song before the virus takes hold, glory, like a sunset. One song to redeem this empty life!”


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