10 Life Lessons: “Cool Hand Luke” Edition

I’m not sure where to begin with “Cool Hand Luke” other than to say, for me, it’s the quintessential prison film. This and, believe it or not, “Cadence” with that motherfucking sorcerer, Charlie Sheen. “The Shawshank Redemption” would be another excellent prison movie, but not above the others.

If you haven’t seen “Cool Hand Luke” then I suggest you do so, immediately, and send me notes of thanks. Like the other movies, it’s about more than just prison, of course, but touches on much greater themes.

10) “Boy, you’re new meat. You’re gonna have to shape up fast and hard for this gang. We got rules here. In order to learn ’em, you gotta do more work with your ears than with your mouth.”

09) “A man’s just gotta go his own way.”


08) “Any man playing grabass or fighting in the building spends a night in the box.”

07) “He’s a natural born world shaker!”

06) “Now, I can be a good guy, or I can be one real mean sumbitch.”

05) “Yeah, well, sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”

04) “Nah – calling it your job don’t make it right, Boss.”

03) “What we got here … is failure to communicate.”


02) “Ya know, sometimes I wished people was like dogs, Luke.”

01) “We’re in here digging and dying.”

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