(I’m a) Work in Progress

J. David Anderson tagged me over a month ago on Facebook to list five things about my current work in progress. I didn’t do it then because I was sick and sick and sick… which I talked about a little in my last post. But I figured I’d go ahead and do this now, here, because I enjoy these types of things. It helps me focus on important topics in the work itself and, hopefully, it drums up some interest so you’ll buy the damned thing when I get it done. Here we go…

1) There are vampires in this book.

2) I disagree with David about vampires being overdone. Vampires aren’t overdone… nice, sexy, I would rather fuck you than eat you vampires are overdone.

3) I still don’t have a title for the novel. I’ve kicked around several, such as “The Summer of Blood,” “Damage, Inc.,” and “The Last Days of this World.” They all work and they all suck for various and different reasons.

4) This book is the first of a planned trilogy.

5) While the book (and trilogy) are horror novels, the ideas sprang mostly from urban fantasy and where vampires are today in that genre.

And that’s about it. Since it’s been a month, I’m not going to tag anyone else or blather on about this project. However, if you’re an author and want to post up in the comments, feel free! Leave a link to your website and what not, too.

AndĀ if you haven’t already, click on J. David’s name up there to visit his Facebook page or go buy his werewolf novel, A Trail in Blood, from Amazon. You can get it here.

Down with the Sickness in Grove City

The Grove City Wine & Arts Festival was this Saturday and I was sicker than I have been in a good long while. I still showed up, (thanks, dad, for that damn thing called a “work ethic”) and I even managed to sell a few books. Most of the credit for that goes to my wife, though, as she did most of the talking. I tried to smile and talk, but mostly just looked miserable.

grove city 2

At least the wife found a wine she enjoyed!

The Festival was an awesome gathering of artists, wineries, and a couple of food trucks. And that my friends, bummed me out. I’m a large man and I enjoy my food, especially outside the box kind of stuff. Being sick, I didn’t eat anything all day, just drank bottle after bottle of water. And, truth be told, they had the absolute best portable potties I’ve ever seen. These babies were clean, sturdy, and they smelled awesome all day long. This is a fact that I can attest to personally.

Also in attendance were the talented Violet Patterson and Tony Acree, along with Tim McWhorter, who I met for the first time. If you haven’t read any of these folks, hop to, why don’t ya? You won’t be disappointed.

I did get a special treat when Eric Beebe, the owner of Post Mortem Press (my publisher), showed up. He brought along his always-awesome wife, Stephanie, who spent ample time shooting aliens with my son. It’s always nice to receive support and PMPress is the best; they’re great people and they actually give a shit about you, the author, and that’s rare. If you’re an independent, small press author, I don’t think you’ll find better, so check them out and give them some support.

I wish I could tell you more about the music and the artists, but I didn’t move other than to inspect the portables that I already mentioned. That just means I’ll have to do double duty next year. I’m okay with that.