Back To Normal In Two Weeks

If you thought you missed this week’s Top Ten, you’re not crazy. I didn’t post one, and I won’t post one next week, either. I’m down in Texas this weekend for the always fantastic Texas Frightmare Weekend, and life is hectic for two weeks. You know, finding a sitter for the kids, driving 18 hours (twice!) and drinking enough to kill a steer for three days straight…

So, that said, don’t look for another Top Ten until the second week of May. But, next week, I’ll put up the usual post of horror cosplay pictures. If you want to see things as they happen, hit me up on Snapchat, username is magnimusx.

Later, Brownies. Don’t wait up.

Texas Frightmare = Cool Cosplay Pictures

(And a generally drunk writer…)

But we won’t talk about the above. At least not much. I do want to invite everyone to hit me up on overĀ on my Snapchat account (magnimusx), because Frightmare is the one place where I take a ton of pictures. This year, I plan on throwing quite a few of them up there to view. It’ll be kind of a “Real Time” experiment for me. Usually, I just load up my phone, then put them up here for people to view. But that takes, well, like a week.

Why a week?

Because I have to drive home (which takes two days), go back to my corporate job, and generally unfuck myself from four straight days of heavy drinking. I’m no spring chicken anymore and that kind of alcohol consumption takes it toll. That toll is about a week’s worth of feeling like shit, a little off-kilter, and cranky.

No, I wouldn’t trade the Frightmare experience. It’s all worth it.

So, if you want to see the pictures as they happen, Snapchat username magnimusx should be your destination.