A Bevy of Bizarre Days…

Today is Columbus Day. But I don’t want to focus on that tripe. Seriously, let’s pretend for an instant that most of what we’re taught about Columbus isn’t bullshit anyway, and just leave it at that. For the historical record, it’s also Cookbook Launch Day. No, I want to talk about something even more ridiculous than a day devoted to writing a cookbook, which is Moment of Frustration Day.

Read that again.

frustration1Got it? Okay, so we have a day devoted to letting your frustrations out. Most of us do this as they occur, so I’m not sure if we need an entire day devoted to our frustrations. The website linked above gives a list of outlets for your frustrations, and I suggest you check them out. They’re not going to blow your skirt up in terms of creatively getting rid of that pent up anger, but what the hell, right?

I’ve always enjoyed a good walk when I’m frustrated. Not because it calms me down, but the opposite. It gives me quiet time to think about whatever is pissing me off; it amps up my rage, so that I’m finally ready to confront my issue. I deal well in anger, not so much in the other emotions, which explains a lot about me, my writing, and the end result of many of my relationships.

frustration2Of course, Moment of Frustration Day may also just be a precursor to The Purge. You know, that movie where Americans get one night to really be assholes to each other. And I do mean really. That movie where killing people is much more therapeutic than talking out our problems, right? I know a few people who could go for that idea.

No, not really, but let’s face it, a day of frustration isn’t going to do us any good. Let me quote Strother Martin in one of the greatest films ever made…

“What we got here is … failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week.”

There’s this little thing called communication and, for fuck’s sake, we need to start doing it. With our families, friends, neighbors, and strangers. There’s no need for us to never find common ground with another human being. Who knows, it may help.

Just don’t ask me to do it. I’m an introvert.

National Angel Food Cake Day

Well, National Angel Food Cake Day really sums up a lot about us, doesn’t it? I suppose I should be thankful that at least angel food cake is an American food, right? Or am I just being insensitive to other cultures?

angelfoodAngel food cake. With a day of its own. And why not? We just had National Cherries Jubilee Day, so this makes perfect fucking sense to me. The way to celebrate is to make (or buy) an angel food cake and eat it. But, be careful, because I’m sure we have a National Diet Day, too, where you’re probably bound by law to run five miles and eat only

Maybe one day I’ll sit down and just try and figure out all the food days we have going on around here.

Surely there’s a steak day. Or a hamburger day. Hell, we must have a bacon day. I’d like to see a tandoori chicken day, personally. I’ll eat the shit out of some tandoori chicken.

What do you think? Angel Food Cake Day… ridiculous or not?