They Are Among Us has a cover…

amonguscoverAs promised earlier today, when I had time, I’d show off the cover to my forthcoming novel, They Are Among Us. This is it, the moment I’ve been waiting for.

I’m digging this cover a lot. Not as colorful as Necromancer, but far more sinister. That’s a good thing, because this book kicks off a trilogy that goes places Torrin wouldn’t dream of.

The back matter has yet to be determined, but when I have a full cover, I’ll share it with all you lovely people. Yes, I know it’s just you, Mom, but still. One is better than none, yes?

In case you missed it in some previous post, here’s a very brief synopsis of what’s coming…

Special Agent Alexandria Maxell and her team race against a rising death toll, chasing a creature that has hunted killed humans for millennia. As the manhunt leads them across St. Louis and closer to their suspect, the truth becomes clear… some of them want to devour our world. However, a few will stand against the impending human genocide, fighting to preserve their secrecy and way of life. But, when a vicious, unrelenting enemy returns, both races face extinction and the rebellion, unprepared for this new threat, must shift its focus from preservation to survival.

Moving Right Along…

chriseffyouHorrorHound Cincinnati was a success. I only went for a day and hung out with the fine folk from Post Mortem Press, selling books and taking a few pictures. You can see those pictures over in the gallery.

If you need a book, you’ll have to get it from Amazon.

Next up on the even list for the year is That Book Place’s Author Fair on April 4th. You can see the Facebook event page here. Seriously, if you’re a reader and you’re within 100 miles of Madison, Indiana and you need to show up. It’s a bookstore and there’s going to be a 100 authors on site selling books and talking. Slam dunk.

After the Author Fair comes the best event of the year, Texas Frightmare Weekend. But more on that closer to May.

Updates… updates… I’ve seen two mock covers for “They Are Among Us” and I’m liking what I’m seeing. Once there’s a final version, I’ll share it here and on Facebook, so all you awesome Brownies know what to buy when it releases. So far, early reviews have all been positive.

I’m still waist deep in editing the young adult fantasy novel and outlining the two books that come after “They Are Among Us.”

Yesterday, I spent 13 hours catching up on movies and television shows. I don’t feel like I wasted the day, even though most of the stuff I watched wasn’t very good. The best of the bunch was Oculus, and it was fair overall. I ended the evening by watching The Colony. It was a meh movie as well, just a little more so than Oculus.